3-layer Temperature Humidity Test Chamber: A Novel Solution for Environmental Simulation Testing

3-layer Temperature Humidity Test Chamber: A Novel Solution for Environmental Simulation Testing

Humidity stability is the ability of a product to maintain its properties and functionality under constant or changing humidity conditions. Humidity stability climatic test chambers are devices that provide accurate and consistent humidity control for products testing. Humidity stability climatic test chambers can achieve humidity stability by using advanced humidification and dehumidification systems that regulate the moisture content in the air. Humidity stability climatic test chambers can also monitor and adjust the humidity level according to the set point or the feedback from the sensors. Humidity stability climatic test chambers can ensure reliable and reproducible test results for products that require high humidity stability, such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology products, medical devices, and electronic components.

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JOEO has more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing testing equipment, ensuring the accuracy and stability of the tests,and is a leading brand in the industry.

JOEO offers a wide range of testing products, covering temperature, humidity, salt spray, vibration, shock and other testing items, to meet the testing needs of different industries.

JOEO has obtained international certifications for its products, complying with various standards and specifications, and has high reliability.

JOEO provides customized service for its products, and can design and manufacture suitable testing equipment according to the specific requirements of the customers.

JOEO equips its products with professional technical support and after-sales service, and can solve the problems and difficulties of the customers in a timely manner.

JOEO constantly innovates and improves its products, following the changes and developments of the market, and providing the customers with the best testing solutions.

JOEO offers reasonable prices for its products, and has high cost-performance ratio, making it the best choice for the customers.

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ALI Testing Company founded in 2014 is a holding subsidiary of Dongguan New District Hi-tech Industrial Co., Ltd., a key hi-tech enterprise of China Torch Program, a national IPR demonstration enterprise, a world-renowned specialized mechanical environment and reliability test equipment manufacturer and an overall solution provider.


ALI Testing Company's business scope covers high-end equipment research & manufacturing, detection and test service, software development and system integration. Its products and services have been widely applied in national defense, military service, aviation, aerospace, shipping, nuclear industry, rail transit, automobile and electronics. The company has consecutively participated in supporting work relating to development and fostering test of national major projects, including Shenzhou Series, Tiangong Series, Moon Exploration Project, Fengyun Series, etc. The company undertakes the national natural science foundation program. Its innovation achievements are deeply applied in 12 military product groups. So, the company is concerned and affirmed by Party and state leaders.

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Resistance Test Chamber: A Device to Measure the Electrical Resistance of Various Materials

Electrical resistance is a measure of how much a material opposes the flow of electric current through it. Electrical resistance can affect the electrical conductivity, efficiency, and performance of various products and materials. To measure the electrical resistance of various materials, you can use a resistance test chamber, which can apply different voltages and currents to your materials and measure the resulting resistance values. The test chamber can also vary the temperature and humidity of the test environment to simulate different conditions that your materials might encounter in the real world. A resistance test chamber is a device that can help you understand the electrical properties and behavior of various materials.

Humidity Climatic Test Chamber: A Device to Simulate Different Humidity Climatic Scenarios for Your Products

Humidity climatic scenarios are different combinations of humidity level, temperature, pressure, wind speed, and other factors that represent different climatic conditions in the real world. Humidity climatic scenarios can affect the thermal expansion, contraction, deformation, corrosion, oxidation, or rust of products. To simulate different humidity climatic scenarios for your products testing, you can use a humidity climatic test chamber, which can create various humidity climatic scenarios in the test chamber by adjusting the relevant factors. The test chamber can also measure the impact resistance, fracture toughness, fatigue life, corrosion rate, oxidation rate, or rust resistance of your products under different humidity climatic scenarios. A humidity climatic test chamber can help you assess the humidity climatic resistance of your products.

Proof Thermal Shock Test Chamber: A Tool to Verify the Thermal Shock Resistance of Your Products

Thermal shock resistance is a measure of how well a product can withstand sudden changes in temperature without cracking or breaking. Thermal shock resistance is an important property for many products that are subject to thermal stress or fatigue in their applications. To verify the thermal shock resistance of your products, you can use a proof thermal shock test chamber, which can quickly change the temperature of the test chamber from high to low or vice versa. The test chamber can expose your products to different temperature cycles and shocks and check for any cracks or defects on your products. A proof thermal shock test chamber is a tool that can help you ensure the durability and quality of your products.

How to Set Up Your Own Thermal Shock Testing Parameters with a Programmable Thermal Shock Test Chamber

Thermal shock testing is a method to evaluate the thermal resistance and durability of products under extreme temperature changes. Thermal shock testing parameters can vary depending on the testing requirements and standards of different products and industries. To set up your own thermal shock testing parameters, you can use a programmable thermal shock test chamber, which can allow you to adjust the temperature range, transition time, cycle number, and other factors of the test chamber through an intelligent control system. You can also save and load your customized testing parameters for future use. A programmable thermal shock test chamber can provide you with flexible and personalized thermal shock testing solutions for your products.

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We are very pleased with JOEO’s battery test chambers. They are state-of-the-art and innovative, and can perform different kinds of battery tests with high accuracy and stability. They are also very safe and convenient to use, and have a low failure rate. JOEO is an expert in the testing equipment field.

John Brown

JOEO is a remarkable supplier of dust test chambers. We have bought several chambers from them, and they have arrived on schedule and in perfect condition. The chambers are simple to set up and operate, and can execute various dust tests according to our needs. JOEO has also been very attentive and helpful whenever we need any assistance or advice.

Maria Rossi

JOEO has provided us with a customized dust test chamber, which meets our specific testing needs. The chamber is well-designed and durable, and can withstand harsh dust environments. JOEO has also given us excellent technical support and after-sales service. We highly recommend JOEO to anyone who needs dust testing equipment.

Ahmed Ali

We have been using JOEO’s battery test chambers for more than a year, and we have not encountered any problems or failures. The chambers are accurate and stable, and can ensure the safety and quality of our batteries. JOEO is a professional and trustworthy manufacturer of testing equipment.

Lee Min-jung

We are very impressed by JOEO’s battery test chambers. They are of high quality and efficiency, and can handle different types of batteries and testing conditions. They are also very user-friendly and safe, and have a long service life. JOEO is a leader in the testing equipment industry.

Anna Müller

We have been working with JOEO for a long time, and we are very happy with their battery test chambers. They are the best in the market, and can provide us with reliable and comprehensive testing results for our batteries. They are also very cost-effective and energy-saving, reducing our operating expenses. JOEO is a partner we can trust.

Rajesh Kumar
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JOEO offers a wide range of test chambers with different types and specifications, such as temperature test chambers, humidity test chambers, thermal shock test chambers, altitude test chambers, vibration test chambers, salt spray test chambers, etc. These test chambers can support various testing projects, such as thermal cycling, humidity cycling, temperature shock, altitude testing, corrosion testing, etc. JOEO can recommend the suitable type and specification of test chamber for your testing needs and standards.

JOEO test chambers have the following features and advantages: JOEO test chambers are designed and manufactured with advanced technology and strict quality control, ensuring that they have high accuracy, stability, uniformity, and other performance indicators.JOEO test chambers have intelligent control systems and data logging functions, which can easily set testing parameters, monitor testing processes, and generate testing reports.JOEO test chambers have energy-saving and environmentally friendly features, which can effectively reduce energy consumption and noise, and comply with international environmental standards.

JOEO test chambers generally do not require special maintenance, only regular cleaning and inspection. We suggest that you clean and inspect the test chambers once a month to ensure their normal operation and extend their service life. 

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