Environmental Chambers For LED Testing
Why do leds need environmental testing With the continuous development of science and technology, LED as a kind of energy-saving, environmentally friendly lighting technology, has been widely used in outdoor lighting, indoor lighting, automotive lighting and other fields, then LED lamp manufacturers how to stand out from hundreds of enterprises? This absolutely requires excellent quality and longevity. In LED lig
THC-Series Temperature Chambers For UNE EN-391 Laminated Glulam Wood Test
Glue-laminated wood/glue-laminated wood flooring/Wood floor Testing UNE EN-391, GLUED LAMINATED TIMBER - DELAMINATION TEST OF GLUE LINES Temperature chambers are special design for wood floor's testing. This test is carried out to create internal stresses perpendicular to the adhesive lines, in the wood by means of a humidity gradient, so that defective glues suffer delamination in these lines. With our JOEO
DRIVE-IN CHAMBER FOR TESTING AUTOMOTIVE AIRBAGS Environmental chamber for airbag testing is a crucial aspect of automotive safety test, aimed at ensuring the effectiveness and reliability of airbag systems in vehicles. JOEO Test chamber designed and installed a special Drive-In Test chamber for an Airbag testing deployment center, enabling an increase of 150% in testing capacity. The primary purpose of airbag te
Random vibration shaker table application
Random vibration shaker table can be applied to the following tests of products: A) Environmental adaptability test: Used to verify whether the product can work normally under external environmental conditions. Considering the safety factors of the product, the environmental adaptability test is similar to the vibration functional test(vibration shaker table) of the product. Both use the maximum environmental
What is a salt spray chamber used for?
What is Salt Spray Test Chamber ?  JOEO Salt spray chamber STH- Series suitable for environmental simulation reliability test such as environmental test to evaluate corrosion resistance of products or metal materials by artificial simulation of salt spray environmental conditions. Suitable for standard :IEC 60068-2-52  IEC 60068-2-52:2017 © IEC 2017- 11 In the case of manual handling, th
Generator Set Testing with walk in high and low temperature test chamber
Generator Set Testing with JOEO  walk in high and low temperature test chamber JOEO High Low Temperature test chamber (walk in climate chamber/walk in chambers) from ALI Testing Equipment co for High temperature test and low temperature test of diesel generator sets applicant for the industry and relevant data are extremely strict on electricity consumption. The parallel operation test is the test that should b
Thermal Cycling Test & Thermal shock test,How To Tell?
Thermal Cycling Test & Thermal shock test,How To Tell? 1. What's Thermal Shock Testing? Thermal shock test simulates a products life cycle by exposing the product to rapid changes of temperatures ranging from -65°C to 200°C. This is completed by using a dual climate chamber that will transfer the product from one temperature extreme to the other, in less than 30 seconds. 2.What is Ther
How To Choose The Size Of The Shaker?Electromagnetic vibration shaker test
Electromagnetic vibration shaker test are designed to test the shock and vibration of products and to determine the size based on the lowest expected level of moving mass. This is especially true for large force shakers. If we test a low-mass product on a high-force shaker and calculate the maximum acceleration level, the result is a high maximum acceleration value, and the equation "Force = mass x acceleration&