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Vibration Test Fixture Design And Solution
Vibration testing is an indispensable checkpoint in the product development process. Due to the wide variety of sizes and shapes of vibration test fixtures, a test fixture survey should be conducted before vibration testing to ensure that the structural characteristics of the test fixture do not introduce uncontrollable resonances into the test setup. If a problematic resonance is found, the test fixture should be mo
Select The Walk In Humidity Chamber Should Pay Attention To Matters
The JOEO walk in humidity chamber is the solution for your most demanding temperature and humidity test requirements. Our walk-in, welded unibody construction enables rapid thermal change rates, ultra-low cooling and prolonged immersion at extreme temperatures, providing maximum flexibility in terms of chamber size and performance How to choose a suitable walk in test chamber 1.Accommodating Live Loads Many prod
What Are The Equipment In The IEC 60068 Shock Test Method
IEC 60068 shock test method provides a standard procedure for determining the ability of a specimen to withstand unrepeated or repeated shocks of specified intensity. The purpose of this test is to reveal mechanical defects and/or degradation of specific properties, or cumulative damage or degradation caused by impact. In conjunction with relevant specifications, it can be used in some cases to determine the structur
JOEO Successfully Delivered 2 Walk In Chamber To German Laboratories
Guangdong ALI Testing Equipment Co,. Ltd. successfully delivered two Walk In Chamber  to the German research laboratory.according to the customer's requests.According to customer requirements, the inner wall of the box adopts high nickel sus# 304 stainless steel degaussed, the plate thickness is 3.0mm, the compressor adopts German GEA BOCK brand compressor, and the dehumidizer is configured according to cust
Several Cold And Thermal Shock Test Chambers Were Delivered To Gree Group
Recently, Guangdong ALI Testing Equipment Co,.Ltd . and Gree reached an important cooperation, and the two sides signed a purchase contract for a number of cold and thermal shock test chamber, marking our company has taken another solid step in the field of test chamber. JERO thermal shock test chamber adopts advanced technology and materials, has the characteristics of high precision, stable temperature control
ALI Exported A Batch Of Battery Temperature Test Chamber To Ltaly
Last month, ALI successfully exported a batch of battery temperature test chamber to Italy. This batch of battery environmental test chamber is independently developed and produced by ALI Company. It adopts advanced temperature control technology and high-precision sensors, which can accurately simulate the environment under various extreme temperature conditions. To test the performance and life of the battery
2 Sets Of Climate Chambers Exported To Russia
Guangdong ALI Testing Equipment Co,.Ltd  in the continuous improvement of product quality and technical level at the same time, actively explore the international market, in the middle of February 2018, Dongguan ALI company successfully exported a walk in climate chamber, a constant temperature and humidity test chamber to Russia, it is reported that this batch of export test chamber using advanced climate simul
High Frequency Vibration Test Table Exported To Germany
On June 4, 2017, the 3-ton vibration shaker tables of ALI testing equipment was exported to Germany.The high-frequency vibration test system consists of a vibration table body, power amplifier, cooling fan, vibration measurement and control system, which is a complete vibration test system in strict accordance with national and international standards (such as: MIL-STD, DIN, ISO, ASTM, IEC, ISTA, GB, GJB, JIS, B
Congratulations:The Faster Temperature Humidity Chamber Won The Bid
In June 2017, a university in Shanghai needed to customize a Faster Temperature Humidity Chamber to help complete the basic work of the scientific research project due to the research needs of the scientific research project. Through the bidding process and in-depth communication with our company, our company stood out and successfully reached an efficient cooperation with the project. This fast temperature change
Precautions During The Use Of The Vibration Shaker
Precautions during the use of the vibration shaker As an essential vibration testing equipment in the aircraft, ship, rocket, missile, automobile, battery, and home appliance industries, the vibration shaker has a force ranging from hundreds of Newtons to thousands of Newtons. During use, improper use often causes damage to the vibration shaker and even affects people's safety. Next, let's take a look at w