How to buy temperature humidity test chamber correctly
Temperature humidity test chamber can simulate temperature, humidity, air pressure, light, vibration, corrosion and other different environmental conditions, usually by the control system, heating system, refrigeration system, humidity control system, air pressure control system, lighting system, vibration system, corrosion system and other components. According to the test requirements, different environmental param
Vibration Test Fixture Design And Solution
Vibration testing is an indispensable checkpoint in the product development process. Due to the wide variety of sizes and shapes of vibration test fixtures, a test fixture survey should be conducted before vibration testing to ensure that the structural characteristics of the test fixture do not introduce uncontrollable resonances into the test setup. If a problematic resonance is found, the test fixture should be mo
Congratulations, 100 Tons vibration test setup successfully developed
The vibration test setup can simulate the use environment of rocket, satellite, aircraft, automobile and other equipment during operation, so as to detect the reliability of equipment structure and performance, and is a necessary supporting device for the development of aerospace, transportation and other industries. On April 15, the China Machinery Industry Federation held a scientific and technological achievements
How To Maintain The Electrodynamic Shaker
The field of vibration testing requires very high reliability and accuracy of equipment. Electrodynamic shaker play an important role in industries ranging from aerospace to automotive, electronics, and research. To ensure that the electrodynamic shaker systems consistently delivers accurate results, a good maintenance plan must be strictly implemented. This article will guide you through the maintenance process of
Select The Walk In Humidity Chamber Should Pay Attention To Matters
The JOEO walk in humidity chamber is the solution for your most demanding temperature and humidity test requirements. Our walk-in, welded unibody construction enables rapid thermal change rates, ultra-low cooling and prolonged immersion at extreme temperatures, providing maximum flexibility in terms of chamber size and performance How to choose a suitable walk in test chamber 1.Accommodating Live Loads Many prod
What Are The Equipment In The IEC 60068 Shock Test Method
IEC 60068 shock test method provides a standard procedure for determining the ability of a specimen to withstand unrepeated or repeated shocks of specified intensity. The purpose of this test is to reveal mechanical defects and/or degradation of specific properties, or cumulative damage or degradation caused by impact. In conjunction with relevant specifications, it can be used in some cases to determine the structur
JOEO Successfully Delivered 2 Walk In Chamber To German Laboratories
Guangdong ALI Testing Equipment Co,. Ltd. successfully delivered two Walk In Chamber  to the German research laboratory.according to the customer's requests.According to customer requirements, the inner wall of the box adopts high nickel sus# 304 stainless steel degaussed, the plate thickness is 3.0mm, the compressor adopts German GEA BOCK brand compressor, and the dehumidizer is configured according to cust
Satellite Vibration Testing--Vibration Testing Machine
In space, satellites must function properly under extreme operating conditions. Space is an almost vacuum environment, and satellites need to deal with high levels of electromagnetic radiation and drastic temperature changes. In addition, during launch, satellites experience extremely high levels of vibration and noise, which can cause serious component damage or destruction. Therefore, before sending these expensive
Which Values In The Salt Spray Test Determine The Corrosion Results
Most of the corrosion of metal materials occurs in the atmospheric environment, and the atmosphere contains corrosion components and corrosion factors such as oxygen, humidity, temperature changes and pollutants. Salt spray corrosion is a common and most destructive atmospheric corrosion. The most common in our daily life is the artificial accelerated simulated salt spray environmental test. The artificial accelerat
The importance of environmental testing for Electric Aircraft Takeoff
As the aviation industry introduces new technologies such as electric aircraft, rigorous environmental testing becomes critical to ensure the viability and proper operation of these technologies. To verify the resilience and efficiency of battery-powered aviation technology, researchers and engineers use environmental simulation chambers to replicate climate conditions such as temperature fluctuations, atmospheric pr