Single Wing Drop Test Machine

Single Wing Drop Test Machine

Single wing drop tester simulates the drop environment of the packaging, tests the drop damage of the product packaging, and evaluates the impact strength during transportation. Suitable for electronic parts, finished products and packaging. JOEO Drop test equipment specially designed to test the extent of damage to product packaging under pressure and to assess the impact strength of internal electronic components when dropped and moved. The box drop test system adopts electromagnetic control, the sample can instantly free fall, and the edge and surface of the box can be tested.


JOEO drop shock machine will comply with the MIL-STD-810G MIL-STD-810G drop test (impact) method. The Single wing drop test machine can carry out free drop test on the surface, Angle and edge of the package, and is equipped with a digital height display instrument and decoder for height tracking, so as to accurately give the fall height of the product, and is equipped with a digital height display instrument and decoder for height tracking. The error from the preset drop height is not more than 2% or 10mm.

Drop testing machine adopts single-arm double-column structure, with electric reset, electric drop control and electric lifting device, easy to use; The unique hydraulic buffer greatly improves the service life, stability and safety of the machine. Single-arm setting, can easily place the product, drop Angle impact surface and floor plane Angle error is less than or equal to 5 degrees.

  • The frame is made of rigid steel and can support heavy samples.
  • Control cabinet is separated from the drop device to prevent danger to operators during the testing process.
  • JOEO Single-wing drop testing equipment has a variety of drop heights to choose from (maximum drop heights are 1.5m, 1.8m, 2.0m)
  • Compatible with various sizes of corrugated cardboard boxes.
  • The angle and posture of the impact surface, edge, and corner of the specimen can be adjusted according to relevant specifications.
  • Equipped with electric reset, electric lowering, and electric lifting. Using precision altimeters and displacement encoders to track height and achieve precise control of drop height.
  • The machine is equipped with a high-quality motor to drive the specimen up.
  • The humanized control panel with a display screen on the control cabinet is easy to operate. Equipped with upper and lower limit devices and power outage protection to ensure machine safety.

Technical parameter
Type Double arm drop machine
Model DTM-500 DTM-800 DTM-1000 DTM-2000
Max.  Weight of Test Samples(Kg) 500 800 1000 2000
Height of Drop(mm) 0~1200 0~1000 0~1000 0~800
Max. Dimension of Test Sample WxHxD(mm) 1400x1400x1400 1500x1500x1500 1600x1600x1600 1800x1800x1800
Falling Floor Size WxHxD(mm) 1600x50x2400 1700x50x2600 1800x50x2800 2000x50x3200
Drop Method  Face, Edge, Angle
Test Bench External Dimension WxHxD(mm) 1850x2000x2400 1950x2000x2600 1800x2500x1200 1800x2700x1200
weight(Kg) 1500 600 700 850
 Power AC380V;  3 5 lines;  50/60HZ