Horizontal Thermal Test Chamber

Horizontal Thermal Test Chamber

JOEO horizontal thermal test chamber is the best choice for batch testing and large test loads. The interior design is used for custom environmental stress screening of components and board level electronic components. The carrier basket transfers loads between hot and cold zones in two - or three-zone configurations, and is widely used in automotive, electronic and electrical, aerospace, communication equipment, medical equipment and other industries.


Meet Standards

  • IEC 60068-2-14 Nc - Rapid change of temperature, two-fluid-bath method
  • MIL-STD-883J Method 1011.9 - Military standard, test methods for microcircuits Thermal Shock
  • MIL-STD-202 Method 107 - Military standard, test methods for electronic and electrical component parts Thermal Shock
  • JESD22-A106B - Thermal Shock
  • IEC 60749-11 - Semiconductor devices, Mechanical and climatic test methods Part 11: Rapid change of temperature, Two-fluid-bath method
  • EIAJ ED-4701/307 - Environmental and endurance test methods for semiconductor devices Thermal Shock



JOEO Horizontal thermal test chamber are available in a variety of configurations and are the right solution for all thermal shock test requirements for large or batch products.

Two zones, single capacity (-2)
(One hot zone and one cold zone)
The product in the test moves through a carrying basket, alternating between hot and cold zones.

Two-zone Dual Capacity (-2D)
(Two hot zones and one cold zone)
In a two-zone, two-capacity system, the cold zone is always in use, which helps to improve system efficiency.

Three zones, single capacity (-3)
(One hot zone, one normal zone and one cold zone)
In the horizontal three zones, the product moves through the carrier basket between the cold zone and the normal temperature zone, and the hot zone moves to surround the product basket.


  • The reference test load of the JOEO thermal test chamber is composed of 12 steel plates. Each pound of steel has an exposed surface area of 65 square inches. The test load is oriented in the product carrier, with the airflow parallel to the steel plate. The load is distributed between two product carriers.
  • The weight of any additional racks must be included in the test load shown above.
  • The capacity depends on the stability of the product at extreme temperatures before transfer. Do not use environment dwell time.
  • When assisted by liquid nitrogen, smaller mechanical refrigeration systems will maintain low temperatures. Liquid nitrogen is required to meet the recovery time.
  • For a liquid nitrogen only thermal chambers, the maximum load is liquid nitrogen cooling without mechanical cooling.
  • Use IC chip product loading to recover 9 point products in 15 minutes or less. The load is distributed between two product carriers.



Model Thermal test chamber (2-Zone) TST-49(A-C) TST-80(A-C) TST-150(A-C) TST-252(A-C) TST-450(A-C) TST-900(A-C)
Internal Dimension WxHxD (mm) 400x350x350 500x400x400  600x500x500 700x600x600 800x750x750 1000x900x900
External Dimension WxHxD (mm) 1400x1800x1400  1550x1950x1550 1600x1200x1700 1700x2100x1750 1800x2200x1900 2100x2400x2200
Temperature Range
of  Testing zone
Type A: -40~+150°C
(200°C is Optional)
Type B: -55~+150 
(200°C is Optional)
Type C: -65~+150
(200°C is Optional)
         (High temperature Range of Testing zone : +60°C~+150°C(200°Cis Optional);
         Low Temperature Range of Testing Zone : -10
Exposure Time of
High/Low Temperature
         Exposure Time of High Temperature:+60~+150 (200 is Optional) 30Mins
         Exposure Time of Low Temperature:Type A:-10~-40/ Type B -55/ Type C -65 30Mins
Temperature of Heat-storing Slot/
Heating Time
         RT~200°C / About 45mins
Temperature of Cool-storing Slot/
Cooling Time
         RT~75°C / About 100mins
Temperature RecoveryTime/
Conversion Time
Precision Temp-erature Control/
Distribution Accuracy
Cooling System          Semi-hermetic double-stage compreor(Water-cooled type)
         Hermetic double-stage compressor (Air-cooled type)
Accessories          Viewing window(special opfional)
Compressor          French "Tecumseh" Brand, Germany "Bitzer" Brand
Power          AC380V: 3phase 5 lines : 50/60HZ
Approx. Weight (Kg) 450 600 750 900 1300 1500