Thermal Shock Test Chamber (2 Zone)

Thermal Shock Test Chamber (2 Zone)


Mainly used in aviation, aerospace, military units, electronics, IT industry and other test products in the surrounding atmospheric temperature changes under the condition of rapid change in the basic safety test of electronic components, parts and products (whole machine) to provide reliability test, product screening, and so on, at the same time through this test, product quality control.

Meet Standards

GB/T 2423.1 (IEC60068-2-1);GB/T 2423.2 (IEC60068-2-2);GB/T2423.22;GJB 150.3A; GJB 150.4A; GJB 150.5A;GB/T10589; GB/T10592;GB/T11158


Design for This Thermal shock test chamber 

JOEO thermal shock test chamber because of its excellent performance and reliability, has become the country's leading products, its export quantity is far ahead, favored by the international market, as thermal shock test chamber manufacturers, JOEO will continue to uphold the concept of innovation, quality and customer first, to provide partners with more advanced and more reliable products and services.
JOEO  Thermal shock test chamber (Two Zone) is suitable for testing equipment for solar photovoltaic modules, batteries, automotive parts, LED optoelectronics, semiconductors, aerospace, automobiles, home appliances, scientific research, etc., for testing and determining electrical, electronic and other products and materials. Parameters and performance of temperature and environmental shock changes in high and low temperature tests.
Thermal shock test chamber (2 Zone) structure can be divided into two parts. 
1.High temperature tank (preheating zone);
2.Cryogenic tank (pre-cooling zone).

Product Features

  • Integral structure,the internal overall TIG seamless welding, beautiful appearance; Door lock device adopts lever power opening mechanism.
  • The use of Chinese color LCD touch man-machine interface + high-performance programmable controller (PLC), with JOEO test box independently developed special software, with automatic, intelligent, human control and other characteristics.
  • JOEO patent "static balance" technology,low temperature constant temperature season can be more than 30%.
  • Control mode: constant operation mode, program operation mode.
  • Refrigeration compressor and key accessories are selected international and domestic well-known brands, long-term and reliable operation; Environmentally friendly refrigerant, in line with the requirements of international environmental protection conventions.
  • Two-box type (vertical/horizontal) : independent high greenhouse and low greenhouse, the test sample through the basket up and down (or around) action conversion, to achieve the impact test in the high temperature, low temperature area, temperature recovery time is short, temperature change speed, compact structure, small volume.
  • The one-box test sample has been static, its temperature conversion through the pneumatic system to open (close) different air doors to achieve, easy to carry out online testing, reduce the mechanical impact on the test sample. Room temperature exposure test can be performed.
  • Configure RJ45 communication interface and remote control system (open data transmission protocol supports Modbus/OPC).
  • Surface electrostatic powder spraying; Box color"JOEO Gray", door color "JOEO blue".

Model  Thermal test chamber (2-Zone) TST-49(A-C) TST-80(A-C) TST-150(A-C) TST-252(A-C) TST-450(A-C) TST-900(A-C)
Internal Dimension WxHxD (mm) 400x350x350 500x400x400  600x500x500 700x600x600 800x750x750 1000x900x900
External Dimension WxHxD (mm) 1400x1800x1400  1550x1950x1550 1600x1200x1700 1700x2100x1750 1800x2200x1900 2100x2400x2200
Temperature Range
of  Testing zone
Type A: -40~+150°C
(200°C is Optional)
Type B: -55~+150 
(200°C is Optional)
Type C: -65~+150
(200°C is Optional)
         (High temperature Range of Testing zone : +60°C~+150°C(200°Cis Optional);
         Low Temperature Range of Testing Zone : -10
Exposure Time of
High/Low Temperature
         Exposure Time of High Temperature:+60~+150 (200 is Optional) 30Mins
         Exposure Time of Low Temperature:Type A:-10~-40/ Type B -55/ Type C -65 30Mins
Temperature of Heat-storing Slot/
Heating Time
         RT~200°C / About 45mins
Temperature of Cool-storing Slot/
Cooling Time
         RT~75°C / About 100mins
Temperature RecoveryTime/
Conversion Time
Precision Temp-erature Control/
Distribution Accuracy
Cooling System          Semi-hermetic double-stage compreor(Water-cooled type)
         Hermetic double-stage compressor (Air-cooled type)
Accessories          Viewing window(special opfional)
Compressor          French "Tecumseh" Brand, Germany "Bitzer" Brand
Power          AC380V: 3phase 5 lines : 50/60HZ
Approx. Weight (Kg) 450 600 750 900 1300 1500