Double Wing Drop Tester

Double Wing Drop Tester

Drop impact testing machine,drop test rig,drop shock test machine is mainly used to assess the impact of the drop impact on the packaging in the actual transportation and loading and unloading process, and to assess the impact strength of the packaging during the handling process and the rationality of the packaging design. In addition to sophisticated flat drop tests, edge and Angle tests can be performed to ensure a complete performance evaluation of the package.



Drop tester adopts double wing type model which can fix the test product smoothly. Using electric lifting, falling, manual reset, the operation is very simple. JOEO double wing drop shock machine is equipped with a height digital display, users can be very intuitive clearance display to observe the real-time product fall height.Double-wing package drop tester is widely used in various industries, such as electronics, electrical appliances, furniture, medical equipment, cosmetics, catering and so on. Mainly used in the following aspects:
Electronic and electrical industry: Test the impact resistance of mobile phones, tablets, televisions, computers and other electronic products during transportation or use;
Furniture industry: test the durability and impact resistance of furniture during transportation or use;
Medical device industry: Testing the safety and durability of medical devices during transportation or use.


  • Electromagnet sensor control, easy interface operation, high degree of automatic control
  • Unique swing arm mechanism design, swing arm disengagement acceleration greater than 3g.
  • Adopts double column guide rail and hydraulic buffer to absorb residual swing force, stable, reliable and low noise.
  • Damping screw lifting mechanism to prevent accidental sliding of the falling mechanism.
  • Pneumatic automatic winding, to prevent the swing arm abnormal break.
  • Expandable stand and baseboard.

Technical parameter

Type Double arm drop machine
Model DTM-500 DTM-800 DTM-1000 DTM-2000
Max.  Weight of Test Samples(Kg) 500 800 1000 2000
Height of Drop(mm) 0~1200 0~1000 0~1000 0~800
Max. Dimension of Test Sample WxHxD(mm) 1400x1400x1400 1500x1500x1500 1600x1600x1600 1800x1800x1800
Falling Floor Size WxHxD(mm) 1600x50x2400 1700x50x2600 1800x50x2800 2000x50x3200
Drop Method  Face, Edge, Angle
Test Bench External Dimension WxHxD(mm) 1850x2000x2400 1950x2000x2600 1800x2500x1200 1800x2700x1200
weight(Kg) 1500 600 700 850
 Power AC380V;  3 5 lines;  50/60HZ

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