Zero Distance Drop Tester-Drop Test System

Zero Distance Drop Tester-Drop Test System

Zero distance drop test machine mainly simulates the resistance to drop and impact of large and heavy packaging products. Its strong power system and unique sample holder facilitate easy loading and unloading of oversized and overweight items and automatically rise to the setting. After the height, the drop test is completed. It can realize the drop test of the edge, surface and angle of the sample. Zero distance drop test apparatus is mainly used to evaluate the ability of product or packaging to withstand drops during transportation and loading and unloading, so as to improve product and packaging design.


JOEO zero distance drop tester is mainly suitable for large mass and large volume packaging. In general, the vertical height of the large package of goods from the ground during transportation and loading and unloading is lower, so the required drop test height is also lower. JOEO Zero drop test equipment is ideal for testing large products. We call it "zero distance" because, in theory, it can reach a minimum drop height of zero due to its unique structure and sample release mechanism. This is the goal that other drop testing machines such as single/double wing drop testing machine, pneumatic drop testing machine, directional drop testing machine and so on cannot achieve.

  • Adopting pneumatic and servo motor driving methods, the lifting process is smooth, with up and down displacement limitations, safe and reliable;
  • Single guide rail guidance, height adjustable to meet the different needs of users;
  • Remote control can be achieved to ensure the safety of operators (customized functions
  • Can clamp and drop the test object in different directions such as edges, faces, and angles;
  • No need for dedicated foundations, no other complex operations or installations;
  • Zero distance drop tester adopts PLC fully automatic control, and a large-sized true color touch LCD screen;

Technical parameters
Model DTM40100 DTM40200 DTM40300
Max. Load(kg) 100 200 300
Drop Height(mm) 01500
Max. Specimen Size(mm)   1000×1000×1000 1200×1200×1200 1300×1300×1300
Position   Accuracy ±2
Drop Zone SizeW*D/mm 1200×1200 1400×1400 1500×1500
Test Mode Face, Edge and Angle
Power AC 380V ±10% 50Hz
Working Environment Temperature range 040humidity≤80% (no condense)
Standards ISO2248-1985(E) IEC68-2-27 ISTA