Drop Ball Tester-Falling Ball Impact Tester Manufacturer

Drop Ball Tester-Falling Ball Impact Tester Manufacturer

JOEO Drop Ball Tester ball impact tester is used to test the strength of plastics, ceramics, acrylic, glass fiber and other materials and coatings. Conforms to JS-K6745 A5430 test standard. The machine will adjust a certain weight of the steel ball to a certain height, so that the steel ball free fall impact test material, according to the degree of damage to determine the quality of the test product.


Drop Ball Tester, Falling ball impact tester, ball drop test equipment,steel ball drop test machine is used to determine the hardness of plastics, ceramics, acrylic materials, glass and other materials or coatings testing machine. JOEO ball drop impact test machine adopts electromagnetic control mode, and the steel ball is automatically sucked at the end of the transverse lifting arm. Install the specified size sample into the machine. Press the drop button on the control box, and the steel ball of the specified weight falls freely from the specified height to impact the surface of the specimen. Visually inspect the appearance and various properties of the sample. The drop height can be adjusted up and down according to different requirements, and with a height scale, you can accurately know the fall height of the steel ball. The machine is equipped with a red laser to accurately locate the impact position.

  • Dc electromagnetic sucker adsorbs steel ball, safe and reliable.
  • Falling ball impact device is equipped with a red laser to accurately locate the impact position.
  • Various test steel balls can be provided according to user test requirements.
  • The height of the drop is based on the scale, which is intuitive and easy to read.
  • Equipped with PU movable casters, easy to move.
  • The shell is treated with A3 steel plate electrostatic spraying.
  • Thickened bottom plate and stainless steel column, firm and do not shake.

Matters needing attention
  • Align the center of the steel ball with the center of the fixture and fix it.
  • The steel ball may jump out of the box after falling, so pay attention to safety.
  • Do not use sharp objects to scratch the surface of the machine.
  • After each test, please wipe the machine.
  • Wipe the ball clean and put it back in the box.
  • After the test, please turn off the power.

Technical parameter
Model DBIT - 200
Max. Height 0~2m or assigned
Drop Method Free falling
Wight of Steel Ball (g) 112, 198, 225, 357, 533, 1042, 2280g
(Optional Steel ball standard : JIS K-5400)
Volume WxHxD (mm) 500x2110x500
Weight(Kg) 65
Power  AC 220V; 1 3 lines
Rail According to customer's requirement
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