Battery Dry Oven

Battery Dry Oven

JOEO Battery Dry Oven

High temperature drying Oven can provide a stable test space for pre-heating, drying, changes about physics and chemistry testing . It supplies precision temperature controller with high stability of platinum resistance to temperature that makes temperature well-distribution.

Meet standards

UN 38.3,TIEC 62660-1,SAE J2464,IEC 60086-4,UL 1642,IEC 61960,IEC 62133,UL 2054,IEEE 1625,IEEE 1725


Feature about Dry Oven

Battery Dry Oven suitable for lithium-ion battery and battery core vacuum baking;put the pole piece or battery core into the oven, set the required baking process time on the man-machine interface, press the start button to start the baking process, according to the process setting It is required that the equipment automatically performs the work of vacuuming and nitrogen filling

JOEO Battery Dry Oven Specification

1. JOEO Dry Oven Continuous uninterrupted working time ≥1000h under the test condition of 140 °C;
2. JOEO Drying oven with an explosion-proof pressure relief port, when the pressure increases sharply, the pressure relief port automatically  opens;
3. The smoke flame sensor detects the smoke flame and fire extinguishing system to extinguish the fire in the  box;
4. Explosion-proof safety design of the cabinet, equipped with explosion-proof chain, glass explosion-proof membrane, insulation layer using aluminum silicate insulation and insulation  material;


 Model WHT -1440 WHT - 8000 WHT - 10000 WHT - Customized
 Internal Dimension WxHxD (mm) 1200x1200x1000 2000*2000*2000 2500*2000*2000 Client's required
 External Dimension WxHxD (mm) 1850x1800x1350  2650x2500x2200 3250x2500x2200 Client's required
 Temperature Range RT200;300500 is optional
 Analytic Accuracy/
 Distribution Uniformity
 of Temperature
0.1/±2.0 ; (when temperature is 100)
 Control Accuracy
 of  Temperature
 Temperature Rising Speed Rate Temperature rising speed rate : RT200, Approx:35mins
 Control Method Micro PID+SSR+Timer(LCD Touch Display Optional)
  Storage Shelf Two layers
 Observation Glass Window When temperature is RT200C ,with observation glass widow
When temperature is 200
℃~500C ,without observation glass widow
  Power AC220V;  1 3 lines; 50/60HZ   AC380V;  3 5 lines;  50/60HZ