Sand Dust Test Chamber

Sand Dust Test Chamber


JOEO blowing sand and dust test chamber is capacity of 1000 liters. Considering that some specimens are smaller, following the marketing demand and customer required that we designed and produced this small sand and dust chamber.

Meet standard

JOEO Dust Test Chamber  factory designed to meet common test methods such as SAE J575,  J.I.S. D-0207-1977, and ASTM C-150-77. Approved dust types are Arizona Dust, Portland Cement Dust.



ASTM B117 chamber JOEO dust sand test chamber dust proof chamber is made for the simulation of dust and sand conditions. These sand and dust chamber used to test the exposure of test the exposure of automotive and electronic components under extreme environmental conditions in order to validate product seal.Dust ingress test methods included IEC60529, ISO20653 and many others.

The airflow circulates upward from the bottom, blowing the dust circulation,forcing dust around the specimens. All models are upgrade to programmable controller and Ethernet access that provides simple operation and control.

Blowing sand and dust test chamber door attached to the window, the door to the lower part of the electrical control area,Simulated sand dust of talc in the lower hopper of the test chamber. Use the of circulating fan and automatic jar will be blown into the upper network studio talcum powder through a 75 micron square hole,The test space form high density dust shape, test specimen.


Model SDC-1000
Internal Dimension WxHxD (mm) 1000x1000x1000
External Dimension WxHxD (mm) 1600x1800x1300
Temperature Range RT25 ± 15℃)to 50 , or lab temperature
Humidity Range 35% ~ 90% R.H  or lab  humidity
Talcum Powder Dosage 2 ~ 4Kg/m²
Metal Net Mesh Standard Diameter 45-50μm
Diameter between Metal Wires 75μm
Powder Spray & Dust Fall Mode 1. Dust fall freely: adopt centrifugal fan to blow the sand or
    dust to the 1/5 of roof, then fall freely
2. Blow the sand or dust: pressure spray dust from the bottom,
    multi-steps pressure adjustable
Test Standard Meet JIS, ISO, IEC60529,DIN40050,GB2423 test standard
Power AC 220V: 1 3 lines : 50/60HZ