JOEO Environmental Test Chambers manufacturers

JOEO Environmental Test Chambers manufacturers


Environmental chamber manufacturers are widely used to test the heat resistance, cold resistance, dry resistance, moisture resistance of various materials,
JOEO environmental test chambers has a unique design and high-quality materials, whether you are testing aerospace products, electronic instruments, materials, food, medical, electronic and electrical products and various electronic components, JOEO environmental test chamber can give you the perfect solution.


What your Most Care with needed ?

  • Environmental test chambers evaporator no frosting under longtime Low temperature running.
  • Automatic control system refrigerant demand save electricity above 30%
  • High heat load tested samples test environment
  • Realize high temperature ultra-low temperature range control ability
  • Multi-language selection: Chinese, English,Other Language support Customized Russian, Korean, Japanese, German  multilingual language switching.
  • Environmental test chambers temperature can reach -70C ~ 200C, special optional condition

Chamber structure

Structural Design Integral type, square keel steel frame structure. The front upper part is the workshop, the lower part is the refrigeration unit, and the right side is the electric control cabinet.
Insulation Layer The thickness of the entire inner box insulation layer up to 100MM, using fire-resistant grade high-strength PU polyurethane insulation material + glass fiber overall foam. (More than the general PU heat break, fire resistance), insulation coefficient: less than 0.0212kcal/m∙hr.
Equipment Inner Box All of the equipment inside the box uses the international standard thickness of 1.0MM SUS # 304 heat-resistant cold mirror stainless steel sealing welding。
Equipment Outer Box Using 1.5mm thick cold tie plate double-sided electrostatic resin high-temperature spraying. (Spraying than the general paint spraying adsorption is stronger, durable)
Viewing Window The door of the test chamber is equipped with a visual observation window. The window has an electric heating (automatic adjustment) anti-frost and anti-condensation device. Accordingly, you can observe the test sample’s test condition inside the chamber through the observation window at any time.
Base Material National standard 5mm thick angle iron +5mm thick 8*8 high quality channel steel. The inner liner can bear 200 KG uniform load.
Lighting Inside the Box The observation window is equipped with a total of 1 set of Philips 48W high brightness, moisture-proof and explosion-proof energy-saving lamps, which a manual direct switch can control.
Pressure Balancing Port Mechanical powerless type, maintenance-free. Correction opening pressure can be adjusted according to the actual demand to balance the pressure difference between inside and outside the box.
Lead Hole 1 on the left side of the box, size φ50mm, with low thermal conductivity flexible insulating hole plug and hole cover (can be customized upon request)
Sealing Door frame and insulation door docking sealing mouth using the original imported silicone seal, sealing performance is reliable and durable.
Control Panel Controller, over-temperature protector, time accumulator, emergency stop opening, start switch, communication port, etc.
Test Stand Stainless steel sample shelf two layers, adjustable spacing, load-bearing ≥ 20kg.
Chamber Door Single door design. The door and thechamber between the double layer use silicone rubber sealing strips: so high and low-temperature resistance, anti-aging, and good sealing performance. To prevent the door frame and the edge of the door from condensation or frost during the low-temperature test, the door frame and the edge of the door are set with an electrothermal defrosting device. With a vacuum observation window and an electrothermal (automatic adjustment) anti-frost and anti-condensation device.

Standard Compliance

High-temperature tests Alternating temperature tests Low-temperature tests
IEC 60068-2-2, Test B IEC 60068-2-14, Test Nb IEC 60068-2-1, Test A
ISO 16750-4, High-temperature test ISO 16750-4, Temp. steps ISO 16750-4, Low temperature
ETSI EN 300019-2-4, Test Bb/Bd ISO 16750-4, Temp. cycling ETSI EN 300019-2-4, Test Ab/Ad
MIL-STD-202 G, Meth. 108A ETSI EN 300019-2-4, Test Nb MIL-STD-810 G, Meth. 502.5
MIL-STD-810 G, Meth. 501.5 MIL-STD-331 C, Test C6 JESD22-A119
MIL-STD-883 J, Meth. 1008.2 JESD22-A105C  --- 
JESD22-A103D  ---   --- 


     Model Climatic Test Chamber HLC-80(A-F) HLC-150(A-F) HLC-225(A-F) HLC-408(A-F) HLC-800(A-F) HLC-1000(A-F)
Internal Dimension (WxHxD mm) 400x500x400 500x600x500  600x750x500 600x850x800 1000x1000x800 1000x1000x1000
External Dimension (WxHxD mm) 950x1450x1000  1050x1550x1050 1150x1900x1050 1200x1950x1350 1550x2000x1350 1550x2000x1550
     Temperature Range   Low Temperature : (A: 25; B: 0; C: -20;  D: -40; E: -60; F:-70)
  High Temperature : 150
( 200)
 Temperature Rising/
 Falling Speed Rate
  Temperature rising approx:0.1~ 3.0/min
  Temperature falling approx:0.3-1.0
 Analytic Accuracy/Distribution Uniformity of  Temperature   0.1 
Control Accuracy/fluctuation of Temperature   ±1.0   
Optional Accessories  Inner door with operation Hole , Recorder, Water Purifier, Dehumidifier,dryer etc
Compressor  French "Tecumseh" Brand, Germany "Bitzer" Brand  or samilar brand
Power  AC220V; 1phase 3 lines ; 50/60HZ  
 AC380V; 3phase 5 lines ; 50/60HZ
Approx. Weight (Kg) 150 180 250 380 560 700