Low pressure test chamber

Low pressure test chamber


Low pressure test chamber JOEO  Electrical,electronic,military industry and household products.According to GB,GJB and IEC standard,to do high low temperature,humidity thermal,low pressure and other environmental and reliability test.
General introduction: JOEO altitude chambers,altitude test chamber is composed of test room formed by pressure-containing box shell and insulation structure, refrigeration system, add wet
system,vacuum system and electric control system and other components.Low pressure test chamber JOEO is precision instruments support great extent electronics parts quality test than standard test chambers,for example - Military products.


Low pressure chamber are meet international standards DO160, ASTM, MIL-STD-781, -810
Altitude up-to 150,000 feet
Temperature range -70°C to +180°C, Humidity range 20 to 95%


1. Feature

Altitude Temperature Humidity Chamber Testing of avionics or other aerospace equipment to simulate actual conditions it might experience.
Simulation of high-altitude conditions like might be found in mountainous regions.


2. Structure

JOEO Low pressure test chamber have 13 process and 5 times quality control to ensure the accurate control of all details for altitude chambers,altitude test chamber,altitude testing chamber,temperature altitude chamber,high altitude test chamber,altitude test chamber manufacturers, composed pressure-containing box shell and insulation structure, refrigeration system, add wet system,vacuum system and electric control system and other components.

  • Altitude Temperature Humidity Chamber JOEO Main box structure  internal pressure structure
  • JOEO Altitude chamber Control system of Altitude Temperature Humidity Chamber: fan, heater, evaporator,h umidifier
  • Refrigeration mode: mechanical compression binary refrigeration system
  • Vacuum units: rotary vane vacuum pump
  • Control panel: temperature, humidity and pressure controlled display screen, over temperature
  • protection device, light switch

3.3Meet Standard Requirements:

GB/T 2423.11 low pressure test
GB/T 2423.21 Test M: Low pressure
GB/T 2423.25 Test Z/AM: Low temperature/low pressure comprehensive test
GB/T 2423.26 Test Z/BM: high temperature/low pressure comprehensive test
GJB 360B Method 105: Low Pressure test
GJB 150.2A low pressure (altitude) test
GJB 150.6 temperature-height test

3.3.2Temperature about low pressure chamber
GB/T 2423.1 Test A: Low temperature test method
GB/T 2423.2 Test B: High temperature test method
GJB 150.3A high temperature test
GJB 150.4A low temperature test

3.3.3Testing Method
       GB/T 5170 electronic and electrical products environmental test equipment inspection method


Model Temperature Low
Pressure Test Chamber
ACC-125 ACC-512 ACC-800 ACC-1000 ACC-2160 ACC-9000
Size Internal Dimension WxHxD (mm) 500x500x500 800x800x800 1000x1000x800 1000x1000x1000 1800x1000x1200 1730x1980x2600
External Dimension WxHxD (mm) 900x1680x1750 1200x1880x2050 1400x2080x2050 1400x2180x2250 2200x2180x2570 2130x2440x4673
Volume (L) 125L 512L 800L 1000L 2160L 8900L
Pressure Pressure range              Normal pressure~0.5Kpa ( 500pa
Pressure error              Ordinary pressure~40kpa±2kpa;
Depressurization time              From site level to 15250m in 10minutes
             From site level to  22860m in 20minutes
             From site level to 30500m in 30minutes
Rapid decompression time              75.2kPa~18.8kPa15s (Optional)
Explosive decompression time              75.2kPa~18.8kPa0.1s (Optional)
Temperature Temperature range              Low temperature range: A:0; B: -20; C:-40; D:-70
             High temperature range: 150(180 is Optional)
Temperature fluctuation              ±0.5
Temperature Rising/
Falling Speed Rate
             Temperature rising approx:0.1~ 2.0/min;
             Temperature falling approx:0.3-1.0
Temperature uniformity              ±1.5(-40.0100.0)
Humidity Humidity range              20%RH~98%RH(work under atmos pheric humidity
             10%R.H ~98%R.H (Optional)
Humidity fluctuation              ±2.0%RH
Humidity uniformity              ±3.0%RH(humidity >75%R.H)
±5.0%RH(humidity 75%R.H)
Power              AC380V 3phase 5lines  50/60Hz
Aprroximate weight(kg) 570 1000 1200 1300 2500 7500
Marked              Other dimensions accept customize,
             details parameter need contact with Sales team